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You are challenged NOT to laugh, or at the very least, smile, and have your thoughts provoked.....and this is from simply checking out JUST the Table of Contents and Chapter Titles from Prasann's book! 

You are going to absolutely LOVE it!  (Because you will be able to read a FREE sample and will see clearly how this funny, unique; not to mention, MULTIPLE AWARDS-NOMINATED (Finalist) and #1 BEST-SELLING book can help YOU create the life of your dreams!)

IF and ONLY IF you are up for this challenge, check out the Table of Contents of Prasann's book!  (Warning: You ARE going to love it, and are going to want to buy his book after reading this!)

(Okay, prepare; have some "serious" thoughts ready, just in case you feel that chuckle or grin coming on, as you read the chapter titles.)

Okay, ready?  Are you sure?  Okay, then, scroll down at will!!!



FOREWORD – By Dr. Vipul Chitalia, M.D., Ph.D.


SECTION I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Goodbye!

Chapter 2: Huh? “Goodbye??!!” What kind of a nonsensical way to start a book?

Chapter 3: My own existential crisis

Chapter 4
: Coming to America (Not quite Eddie Murphy-style!) and what has happened since then

SECTION II: Query - What Is “It” All About, Anyway?

Chapter 5: Can you handle the truth?

Chapter 6: Mission: Impossible? (Or at least, very, very difficult!)

Chapter 7: We are all One! (Really? That’s such a platitude, or is it?)

Chapter 8
: Elementary, my dear human

Chapter 9: “My Karma ran over your dogma!”

Chapter 10: Dharma & Greg? No, Dharma and….you!

Chapter 11: Greed is good!

Chapter 12: Definitions - Spirituality Defined, Religion Understood, God Decoded, Science Demystified, Faith Fathomed, Conscience Comprehended

Chapter 13: Know Thyself! (What does that even mean?)

Chapter 14: Are you a (The) Secret admirer?

Chapter 15: Question: The one of Life, the Universe, and Everything; Answer: 42

SECTION III: Phenomena - Spiritual Phenomena On The Verge Of And Now Explicable By Science; And Vice Versa!

Chapter 16
: The red shoe on the roof: Near Death Experiences examined; you guessed it; for science’s sake

Chapter 17
: From near death to death actually! Is it so morbid that we shouldn’t talk about it? Naaaah!

Chapter 18
: Are you a Sinner or a Saint?

Chapter 19
: You got ghosts? Whoyagonna call?

Chapter 20
: Conversations with a real psychic: My 11-year old niece!

Chapter 21
: E.T.’s and UFO’s - Science “fiction” or science “fact?”

Chapter 22: Time would be on your side in your travels if you could Teleport or Bilocate

Chapter 23
: Quantum Possibilities! A very “real” possibility of a “new” you?!

: Action - What Should We Do, Exactly, To Lead The Life Of Our Dreams - The Kind That We Are Meant To Lead?

Chapter 24
: “Science is truth!”

Chapter 25: You want to change your life for the better? Then practice spirituality scientifically and apply science religiously

Chapter 26
: Specific applications for specific situations

Chapter 27: Meditate; don’t medicate! (Well, medicate to heal your body; meditate to heal your soul)

Chapter 28: Kundalini Rising! How you can use the power of this evolutionary energy to change yourself and the world

Chapter 29: Pro Bono (Hint: This does not mean “being in favor of the band U2’s lead singer”)

Chapter 30: Can we ever afford to not be nice?

Chapter 31
: Leggo my ego!

Chapter 32: Do you think that the world would be any different if you did not exist?

Chapter 33: How will you see yourself and everybody else after this?

Chapter 34: “God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts!”

Chapter 35: Closing time!

Chapter 36: Goodbye! (For real now, I mean it!)






Did you laugh (or smile) and have your thoughts provoked?  Now, you can clearly see how and why Prasann's book will help you create the life of your dreams, right?  

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