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I am extremely proud (and honored) to present to you a few of my highly recommended authors, experts and coaches in the Self-Development field. 

One of them is my favorite teacher from The Secret, Mike Dooley.  Mike has a unique style in which he conveys essential Universal Truths.  He writes his daily Notes from the Universe emails as if it is the Universe writing them!  These messages always resonate with the innate vibrations of the spirit within me.  They are funny, poignant, and always uplifting.  I highly recommend that you subscribe to these Notes.  I have been a subscriber of these wonderful messages from November 15, 2008.  

I also recommend Mike's latest offering, the Thoughts Become Things DVD.  It will change your life!


Thoughts Become Things DVD

(In the interest of full disclosure, please note that I am a paid Affiliate of Mike's website, TUT.com, and that I will receive a commission when you click on this banner above, and if you end up buying Mike's products.  And I know that you will absolutely love them!)

Please check back very soon to find out about other very inspiring and life-changing authors, books, and other material.
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